How Keg 'N' Go works

Beer keg system hire for your next event

Beer keg system hire for your next event

How our keg hire works...!

The equipment

We hire out complete portable beer keg systems, which include:

  • gas bottle with regulator,
  • tap & lines, and
  • a 19/9.5 litre keg (empty).

The standard and large system sits inside an easy-to-move container that’s set up ready-to-go. But don’t stress; we also provide the instructions if you get in strife or want to DIY.

We can deliver it to your place and collect the system when your done, or you can arrange ‘pick-up’ to save a few bucks.

Filling the keg

We provide the keg empty its your responsability to arrange for it to be filled either by a local supplier, DIY with spirits or arrange a pre-filled keg from a pub with Keg ‘N’ Go just supply the pouring system.

Kegs are not limited to beer. Think of your favourite carbonated beverage (cider, spritzer, cocktails, soda water etc.) or soft drink and it can be served from the Keg ‘N’ Go system.

You could even fill it up with your latest batch of home brew. Just imagine the possibilities…!

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