Hire Prices

Beer keg system hire for your next event

Beer keg system hire for your next event

Keg 'N' Go hire prices

Small System   
1 day rental of an empty 19 litre keg or 9.5 litre keg,  party/picnic tap and gas for serving. Perfect for camping and informal events. 


Standard Bin System

1 day rental of an empty 19 litre keg & 1 Keg ‘N’ Go system. Ideal for a BBQ, family function or something more formal.


Large Jockey Box System  
1 day rental of 2x empty 19 litre keg  & 1 Keg ‘N’ Go system with 2 taps ideal for larger events.


Additonal Day

1 Additional days hire of any system.


Additonal Keg
1 Additional empty 19 or 10 litre keg for duration of hire.


Want to have several drinks on tap at your next party? Hire multiple systems so you can pour a range of different beverages...!

Filling Your Keg - DIY

Filling Your Keg - DIY

Keg 'N' Go's empty kegs can be filled with any beverage.
Simply add your favourite cocktail ingredients yourself and away you go.
Instructions on filling the keg will be provided.

Filling Your Keg - No Fuss

Filling Your Keg - No Fuss

Contact your local pub or brewery and arrange for a keg from them!

Just let us know the coupler style / type and we will supply all the necessary equipment to get pouring.

Local Keg Fills

Local Keg Fills

All fills are subject to availability.
The purchasing of alchohol is a transaction between you and the licensed supplier.

Meet some local breweries, pubs & suppliers that can supply you with kegged beer or cider.

Tell ya mates about us & let's get the party started

After another drop?
fill The keg up at your favourite brewery